ExaNest Logo

European Exascale System Interconnect and Storage

European Exascale System Interconnect and Storage

The ExaNeSt Logo


This is the official version of the logo. It is a vector-format, i.e. geometric representation of the logo; as a result, it is a small file (18 KBytes) but at the same time it has "infinite" precision (resolution), i.e. it can be scaled to arbitrarily large sizes and it will always maintain the "sharpness" of all edges.
This is precisely the same file as the more-fully-named exanest_logo_vector_xpar.pdf file (see below).

Artwork by Theodossia Bitzou, FORTH-ICS.
The hexagon is inspired by the Exa prefix; the periphery is inspired by the network; the core is inspired by the nest, used for storage.
Thanks also to Vassilis Minopoulos for the font.

Below, you can find additional versions of the logo, in various formats, along with the corresponding explanations; you can selectively download those that you need. If you wish to get all versions, then you can download the following zip file which contains the entire directory:


GIF (bitmap) format of the logo:


These are bitmap versions, in 4 different resolutions (horizontal dimension: 120 or 160 or 240 or 400 pixels).  Because GIF is a bitmap format, if you scale one of these files to a larger than its original size, it will become  blurred.  The large-size (400 pixels) version originates from the basic logo, exanest_logo.pdf, after conversion from vector to bitmap format.  However, for the three smaller sizes (120 to 240 pixels), such a direct conversion would lead to bitmaps that would be too blurred;  instead, these three smaller sizes originate from a version of the logo that has a simpler "green hexagon" drawing:  exanest_logo_small_vector_xpar.pdf  (see below).

The GIF format features the smallest file size among the bitmap formats.
These are non-transparent versions of the logo, having a white background.

JPG (bitmap) format of the logo:


Similar comments, as for the GIF format, apply here.
The size of these JPEG (JPG) files is 2 to 3 times larger than the equivalent GIF file of the same resolution.

PNG (bitmap) format of the logo - Transparent:


These are bitmap versions, similar to GIF and JPG.
Microsoft applications like Powerpoint and Word often "like" PNG format, although PDF (or EPS) may be preferable, when accepted, because PDF and EPS for this logo are vector formats, hence "sharp" at all sizes (zoom factors), plus PDF is smaller in size.
The 5 different sizes provided correspond to how large the logo will appear on the document or slide (unless manually resized), in millimeters as labeled in the corresponding file name; when that horizontal size is kept, the resolution will be 200 ppi (pixels-per-inch).

Contrary to GIF and JPG, these have a transparent background; in general, they will be placed on a white area of a document or slide, so white will show up behind the logo.  However, if you place them e.g. on top of a picture, then the picture will show behind the green lines and the black letters; if you do not wish this, you will have to place a back-ground-colored (e.g. white) box behind the logo and in front of the picture.

"SOURCE" files, in Corel Draw (CDR) and Adobe Illustrator (AI) formats:


The logo was edited using "Corel Draw", and the corresponding CDR file is its "source" file; this is a vector-format file, that preserves all geometric accuracy; the text is also drawn as geometric curves (i.e. vector format).
The AI representation contains equivalent information and provides similar "source" functionality.
The logo drawing in this file can be exported in either transparent or non-transparent background formats.

VECTOR formats:

As explained above, vector formats, in the case of this logo, have important advantages over bitmap formats.
All of PDF, EPS, CDR, and AI versions are vector formats.
All of GIF, JPG, and PNG versions are bitmap formats.
The PDF and EPS (encapsulated PostScript) versions are transparent-background formats.
the corresponding files are:


The file "exanest_logo_vector_xpar.pdf" is considered to be the "official" version of the project's Logo; it is the same file as "exanest_logo.pdf"

Source files for the SMALL-SIZE version of the logo:

As mentioned above (see GIF section), resolutions of 240 or fewer pixels use a simpler "green hexagon" drawing, which yields better optical impression at such small sizes.
The source files and vector format for this version of the logo are:



The color of the green "hexagon", in CMYK represention (as used by professional printers), is: –i.e.:

  • Cyan: 80%
  • Magenta: zero
  • Yellow: 100%
  • Key (black): zero
This will in general correspond to an RGB color of: 13, 177, 75 –i.e.:
  • Red: 13 out of 255 (0D in hexadecimal)
  • Green: 177 out of 255 (B1 in hexadecimal)
  • Blue: 75 out of 255 (4B in hexadecimal)